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There was no sign of Sasha Banks and Naomi tonight on WWE Raw but their return is expected very soon. first reported earlier today that Banks and Naomi reached an agreement to return to WWE and Bryan Alvarez confirmed on Wrestling Observer Live that he heard the same thing from a source.

Alvarez said the following during Wrestling Observer Live: "I am not 100 percent confirming this, but since everybody is asking about it, I do have one source who is saying that, 'Yes, Sasha and Naomi have made a deal to return. So we'll know more I'm sure within two hours. But I'll just say I think it's true. I'm pretty sure. But I can't say 100 percent."

Dave Meltzer later reported the following in his daily update: "Regarding the Sasha Banks and Naomi rumors of them returning, I don't know that it's signed yet but it is moving in that direction and internally they do expect it to happen."

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A WWE source told during Raw that Banks and Naomi's return is imminent.