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The latest on the WWE NXT to FS1 rumors

WWE NXT FS1 Fox Sports 1

In recent weeks, there have been rumors about NXT being added to the FS1 or FS2 programming lineup. It would make sense for the folks at FOX Sports because they are going to lose a lot of UFC programming.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the people that are involved in the process say that NXT on FS1 is not happening. At this point, WWE is interested in keeping the show exclusive to the WWE Network. The NXT shows are an incentive for fans to keep subscribing but a move to FS1 would mean wider distribution and could lead to larger crowds at live events.

At the point, the only talk about secondary programming has been about doing a studio show. The idea is to do a pre-game show on Fridays before Smackdown Live and a post-game show on Sundays after pay-per-views. There has also been talk of doing a studio show on Wednesday, similar to UFC Tonight.

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The people at FOX say that there are no announcements planned regarding new programming. Furthermore, the people involved in the FOX/WWE deal say that the only deal for in-ring programming is for Smackdown Live and there have been no talks about adding additional in-ring programming. Obviously, the studio shows are not considered in-ring programming.

If the studio programming becomes a reality, it will be interesting to see how they format those shows because WWE would probably want to do a kayfabe version of what UFC does but FS1 programming deals with real sports news.