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The latest update on a potential WWE return for Neville

If you’ve been skipping 205 Live every week then you are missing out on a good show. Since Triple H took over creative in January, the show has been more focused on in-ring action and they’ve ditched the goofy storylines that dominated the show when they were promoting Enzo Amore as the star of the brand.

Since the changes, there’s been speculation amongst fans that this could be the impetus to bring back Neville. The rumors are that he was unhappy with his push. When he was on the brand, the cruiserweights were treated like an afterthought and there was very little interest in the 205 Live brand. There is still a lot of work to do but the company hopes to take the brand on the road full-time at some point.

So, would Neville return as the top heel or babyface on the brand? Well, it doesn’t look like a return is in the cards for him. At least not anytime soon.

PWInsider is reporting that he is still at home and there is no movement on talks to bring him back. It seems like it would be in his best interests to return because his contract is frozen until he gets back in the ring. He can find work outside of wrestling if he wants but he won’t be able to work for any other wrestling company until he completes his WWE contract or if he is somehow able to work out an agreement to be released like Rey Mysterio did a few years ago. At this point, that seems unlikely.

Let’s hope that the issues with Neville are resolved soon so we can see him either on WWE television or on the independent scene. At one point, just a few weeks after he walked out on the company, there were talks going on with him to bring him back but they fell through. From what I’ve heard, he is doing fine financially so he could sit out for a long time.

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