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The latest update on Brock Lesnar’s status for WWE SummerSlam

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The latest update on Brock Lesnar’s status for WWE SummerSlam

There are questions surrounding the WWE Universal Championship now that it has been reported that Brock Lesnar is currently not booked for SummerSlam. On WWE television, fans are being told that contract negotiations have stalled with Lesnar. In reality, this is just a storyline meant to get people upset at Lesnar and hopefully, get behind the hero Roman Reigns. It hasn’t worked yet but there’s still some time left before SummerSlam for WWE to come up with creative ideas to get Reigns cheered.

For anyone wondering if anything has changed, it looks like things are status quo as of now with Brock Lesnar. Here is what was said in a recent post by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Forum:

“Just checked on this. Nothing has changed at all since what was in this week’s Observer. Vince has not made the call yet on his next show, but the presumption is still SummerSlam….”

It would be incredibly strange for the Universal title not to be defended at SummerSlam. But the reality is that WWE’s new TV deals with Fox and NBCUniversal will change how they do business and they are no longer relying on pay-per-views as one of their primary sources of income. Basically, this means that they can experiment and do things that they haven’t done before because they are going to get paid regardless of what they do on their own network. That could mean keeping the Universal title match off SummerSlam and booking Lesnar for a different show. It seems unlikely but you never know with Vince McMahon.

For anyone wondering about Brock Lesnar’s UFC future, there is nothing listed on the USADA testing pool website for him. At this point, it doesn’t look likely that he will fight this year in UFC.

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