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The latest update on Mauro Ranallo



As previously noted, Mauro Ranallo has been off Smackdown Live for the past couple of weeks because he is dealing with severe depression, which is something he's dealt with since he was a teenager.

Bas Rutten, one of Ranallo's close friends, gave a quick update on SiriusXM's Luke Thomas Show.

Rutten said, "Yeah, he's doing okay, ya know? As everybody knows, he's very vocal about it. Mauro is bi-polar. Sometimes...a couple of times a year, things are going too fast and he needs to just simply slow down...but he's doing good. I talked to him and he's sent me funny video clips. He added that Mauro is in good spirits and "I think he will be back to normal very soon."

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Ranallo recently thanked fans on Twitter and said that his doctor has suggested for him to stay off of social media for now. You can listen to the clip of Rutten talking about Mauro by clicking below.