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The lift used in Aleister Black’s entrance was originally going to be used for The Undertaker

Aleister Black was the guest on D-Von Dudley’s “Table Talk” podcast this week. He was on the show to talk about the inspiration for his character with new details that fans haven’t heard before and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Aleister Black talked about his ring entrance: “I think theatrics and wrestling go hand and hand. I love to create a dramatic presence. I want the audience to perceive me in a certain way that goes hand and hand with the character. I want you to have an experience. I wanted people to immediately when you hear that first note of my music to say, here we go. This is the dude. Hunter was on board with that. We were bouncing ideas off each other. He texted me one morning for this lift that was supposed to go to the Undertaker initially but they couldn’t use it for him so he asked if I wanted to use it. I thought, yeah, that’s the finishing part that this character needs to have which is this entrance this way. A lot of people think I’m a vampire. I’m not a vampire. There is nothing vampiric about my entrance. It’s more Aleister Black materialized from nothing and he rises up from that.”

Black told us what he envisions the crowd reaction to be: “I want Aleister Black to evoke a reaction. It didn’t matter what reaction that was.  That reaction tells you something about people.  They called me anything from edgy to a poser and a want to be or somebody I would put my trust in. Or best wrestler, worst wrestler, terrible human being, awesome human being. I want a reaction. I feel the reaction that people give us, especially in this day and age, will tell you a lot about the type of person reacting to you. It teaches you about the people watching you. What I had in the back of my mind is if Aleister Black grabs a mirror and puts that mirror in front of your face. Whatever your reaction you’re giving is a reflection of what you feel about me. Why is this reaction coming out of you when you look at this character? I want my character to be something where 20 or 30 years down the line you are going to think, ‘Why did I react to him this way? What is it that he said?’ I always said Aleister Black is like a conspiracy theory because there are so many layers I want Aleister Black to be. Even now, there are so many things that people haven’t picked up on like things on my gear, things in my entrance and things in my promo. I want Aleister Black’s body of work to be able to be discovered 50 years down the line.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Table Talk podcast with a h/t to for the transcription


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