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"The Man" trademark issues between WWE and Ric Flair have not been settled

Ric Flair Becky Lynch

The issues between WWE and Ric Flair over "The Man" trademark have not been settled, despite the fact that Flair was booked to appear on WWE TV this week. He will also be at WWE Crown Jewel later this month in Saudi Arabia.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is still working with Flair because he is a name they want for Saudi Arabia and the Friday Night SmackDown debut on FOX since the network wants the biggest names from the past to appear on the show.

WWE seems to think he doesn't have a case and it's not worth being on bad terms with him since he could just sign with All Elite Wrestling.

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For whatever it's worth, WWE billed him as a 17-time World Champion last Monday on Raw when they had been saying 16-time champion for years. WWE told Meltzer that this was an error and he would be billed as a 16-time champion going forward.

In reality, Flair has won more world titles than that with the minimum number being 18 and you could argue that he's won somewhere between 20 to 22 world titles.

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