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The Miz corrects Cody Rhodes: WWE Title is not a belt, Superstars are not wrestlers



The Miz kicked off WWE Monday night Raw with Cody Rhodes as his guest.

Cody talked about being away for the past 6 years and being a different person and he said that he plans on eventually winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt. Miz corrected him and said that it's a "title" and not a "belt" because a belt holds your pants up.

Miz said he knows where Cody has been for 6 years and he won't allow Cody to embarrass him. Miz also said that he's heard that Seth Rollins wants a rematch. Miz also told Miz that "wrestlers" are referred to as "Superstars."

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The segment ended with Cody sidestepping Miz's attempt at a sneak attack. They will wrestle each other later in the show.