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The Miz says Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson should be banned from wrestling for referee stabbing

WWE/Infinite Pro Wrestling

WWE/Infinite Pro Wrestling

The Miz is joining the list of names in the wrestling business calling on "Hannibal" Devon Nicholson to be banned from the industry after he repeatedly stabbed a referee, Lando Deltoro, during a match with an iron spike.

"You don't do that stuff," The Miz told TMZ. "That didn't look like a mistake." When asked if Hannibal should be banned, Miz said, "yes, of course."

Nicholson later claimed on his YouTube page that he was not aware that he was injuring the referee and that Deltoro never indicated to him during the show that he was hurt.

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Deltoro has said that he had no way to tell Nicholson to stop because of Nicholson's size and he was unable to say much before slipping in and out of consciousness.

Will Ospreay has also called on promoters to get Hannibal out of the business and he took it a step forward by calling on charges to be filed. Check out Ospreay's tweet and The Miz's comments to TMZ below.