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The Miz wants to be the top dog in WWE: "I don’t honestly feel like I have been that guy"

Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

The Miz was interviewed on Busted Open Radio on Tuesday to talk about his new show on the USA Network. He also discussed his WWE career and the big goals he still has as a wrestler.

Here are some highlights:

The Miz is starring on the USA Network show, Cannonball. Miz explained the premise of the show: “Cannonball is the biggest, wettest, wildest, water sport’s competition coming to the USA Network. They did a sneak peak on NBC to test the waters to see if people like it, and ratings were insane. People’s reactions were very positive which doesn’t happen very often with new shows. This is one of those shows that is an effortless watch. You can watch with your entire family, sit down, and escape the reality that is happening in your life right now. There is so much happening in this world, that if you are like me, escape it, and maybe lock into a show like Cannonball that can make you laugh. That can make you smile. You see these competitors and they are from all walks of life. They’re tall, they’re small, they are every single type of person you can imagine. We had NCAA collegiate athletes going against videographers or radio hosts and the radio host does amazing.”

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Miz was asked what that moment was like for you when you put on the cover of TV Guide: “It only took me 20 years to get back on it. The last time I was on the cover of TV Guide was for the Real World back in 2000. To grace the cover once again of TV Guide. I’m the same. I grew up waiting for the Sunday paper to get my TV guide to circle the shows I want to watch for the week. Gracing the cover of TV Guide is awesome and it’s incredible. I’m very fortunate for all the things I’ve been able to do.”

What motivates you and what is left for you to do in WWE: “People always ask me that question. I’m a person that wants it all. I want it all and what does all entail? When I am not the WWE champion, I want to be the WWE champion. When I am not on a poster for SmackDown or any PPV, if I’m not the front and center, even if I’m on the poster and I am on the side, that infuriates me. That aggravates me. That motivates me to want to be front and center and being the top dog to where WWE looks at me and goes, this is our guy. I don’t honestly feel like I have been that guy. I’ve always had to work very hard to become that guy, to be that guy. Right now, I don’t feel like I am that guy. So what do I have to do to be that guy? Do I have to get on 45 different shows and show WWE that I can be the main focus of a show. I control ratings. I can put butts in seats. People will pay to see me wrestle. That’s where I’m looking at it and going, alright, what do I have to do to get to that level? Sometimes, it’s a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re up high and sometimes you have to wait and wait. I don’t like to wait. I like to do everything possible to make sure I’m giving the audience exactly what they deserve and that is being an entertainer and being a performer.”

Miz talks about creative after WrestleMania 27: “Creative changed in the background. I’m talking about people. Whenever you hear about heads leaving and then another head coming in, obviously Vince runs the entire thing, but there are different creative people that are different writers. When you have a head leave and you have another one come in, he will have his guys. When I lost the WWE Championship to John Cena, there was a role shift in the writing process and I saw where I was going. I was going to be used to develop new talent because I was just utilized for the past, I don’t know, year, to get me to where I am. Now it’s time to make other people and I didn’t have the wherewithal to make sure I was being made as well.”

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