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The Most Surprising Inductees in the WWE Hall of Fame

What constitutes a WWE Hall of Fame induction? Is it championships? Or, is it popularity? Can a wrestler get in simply for wrestling for a decade with middling success? Does it matter how well-received said wrestler is in the locker room? What about the behind-the-scenes contributions a wrestler makes to the future of the business? A lot of factors are involved.

At the end of the day, this is a sport where the winners and losers are chosen by someone in a position of power. In that regard, you’re always going to run into subjectivity. As long as subjectivity rears its head, questionable inductions are going to exist.


Razor Ramon

It shouldn’t shock anyone that Scott Hall is in the WWE Hall of Fame. He belongs among professional wrestling’s elite. But, what’s odd about his induction is that it was announced late into Wrestlemania season, and he went in as Razor Ramon. Not Scott Hall. Basically, the WWE didn’t make it as big of a deal as they should have. The rumor is that the nWo will eventually be inducted as a group. Hall should get his rightful pomp and circumstance then. But, for now, his spot in the Hall of Fame feels rather inconsequential.

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