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The Mysterio family brutally beat down Murphy at the end of WWE Raw

In the main event of WWE Monday Night Raw, Dominik Mysterio faced Murphy in a Street Fight and Dominik’s family (his father Rey Mysterio, his mother, and sister) were at ringside.

In the closing moments of the match, the Mysterio family got into the ring and they all got in shots on Murphy as he was tied to the ropes. This was legal since there are no disqualifications in a Street Fight. The referee declared Dominik as the winner of the match because Murphy quit because he couldn’t handle the pain from the beating he was taking.

Now the question is how will Seth Rollins react to this next week because they have been teasing that Rollins hasn’t been happy with Murphy.

There was a lot of news on this week’s show. Earlier in the show, Ivar was injured during his match and the referee called an audible, Randy Orton took three Claymores from Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens and Aleister Black battled in Raw Underground and The Hurt Business got a new member in their stable. Click here for news from this week’s WWE Raw.

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