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The next member of the WWE Hall of Fame...

Mr. T is expected to be announced tonight on Raw. WWE got the news out through TMZ this morning and got a quote from Vince McMahon.

Vince was quoted as saying, "His WWE appearances were instrumental in helping to establish WrestleMania as the pop-culture phenomenon it is today."

Mr. T had turned down invitations in the past to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Mr. T played a huge part in the inaugural WrestleMania. In fact, many can say that if he wasn't part of the event that WWE might not be around today since Vince and Linda McMahon needed that show to succeed or risk going into bankruptcy and folding the company. The media attention that the company got during the last week of hype (thanks to Mr. T) helped get them over the top and make the show a success.

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