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The pro wrestling world remembers Owen Hart 19 years after his passing

The tragedy of Owen Hart’s passing is one of the most heartbreaking and infuriating stories in pro wrestling history. It took place at Over The Edge on May 23rd, 1999 in Kansas City Missouri. Hart was portraying the Blue Blazer gimmick in an attempt to add some depth to his on-screen character and a spot was planned for him to zip line down to the ring but his harness broke and it sent him into the ring post instead.

Owen Hart died that night but his memory will never be forgotten. Fans have often speculated where Owen’ s career would have taken him and how WWE would be different today if he hadn’t died at the young age of 34-year-old. He was able to accomplish so much in his life but there was plenty more for him to do and the thought of this incident still saddens us to this day.

It’s been 19 years since we lost Owen Hart and anyone who was a fan of WWE during the time remembers that day vividly. The pro wrestling world continues to mourn his passing to this day and a few people have already started to speak out remembering Owen Hart’s amazing should-be WWE Hall Of Fame Career.

We will continue to update this list throughout the day as more comment on memories and tributes to the legendary youngest child of Stu and Helen Hart.



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