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WWE still has a couple problems concerning Enzo and Big Cass split

During the closing segment of Raw this week the Realest Guys In The Room seemed to go their separate ways. After Kurt Angle promised to reveal who had been attacking Enzo and Big Cass backstage he called The Big Show and The Revival down to the ring and eventually said neither of them did it. Then Angle said he’d figure it out eventually. That looked like all she wrote for this segment until Corey Graves stood up and the Savior Of Misbehavior started to unravel Big Cass’ lies.

Graves eventually got Big Cass to confess he was the one who had been beating Enzo down backstage and he faked his own attack. Big Cass went off on Enzo and verbally tore him into him while Amore just stood silent for once.

Big Cass blamed all of his troubles on Enzo from having to deal with the fact nobody liked him backstage to having to put up with Amore in NXT, Tampa, and WWE with no titles. Big Cass said Enzo’s mouth writes checks his ass can’t cash because he was always standing behind him.

Colin Cassady said he’s not going to be standing behind Enzo anymore and then he kicked his head off. So as it would appear Big Cass is going heel and pulled a “Barber Shop” angle without a glass window. To be honest these guys might go down alongside The Rockers as two of the most popular tag teams in WWE history to never hold the titles.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that the problem with the entire angle is Big Cass was totally correct in his observations. Big Cass appeared more reasonable than anything else. He might have gone about it in a heelish way, but in the end it’s hard to deny Colin Cassady’s correctness in every statement he made to Enzo’s tearful face. It’s hard to hate a man when he speaks the truth, even if you don’t like what he’s saying.

The fact is Enzo has always held Big Cass down. Enzo is lovable and has high energy, but in the end he rarely pulls through and can often be perceived as annoying. Enzo and Cass have never held titles and it can be boiled down to Enzo’s fault in just about every instance. Either Enzo was pinned, or he just dropped the ball, but Big Cass has never held NXT or WWE gold because of his former little buddy.

Meltzer noted these two won’t be in a long feud. They might tie up loose ends, but a long-term feud won’t work between the two of them. Their skill-sets won’t mesh and they probably wouldn’t be able to produce anything notable. The key was just to break Big Cass free from the team.

Enzo is a babyface and now Big Cass will get over as a heel but since the team is over there are really no future plans for Enzo. Big Cass has always been the star out of the two and Meltzer speculated the best place for Enzo might be on 205 Live at this point.

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