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The real reason why WWE fired Enzo Amore

For those of you that have been asking about Enzo Amore’s suspension and release from WWE, he was not fired because WWE learned something new from the Phoenix Police Department.

As first reported by Sean Ross Sapp from, WWE fired him because they were not made aware of the police investigation that has been going on since October. This does not mean that he is guilty of anything. Rich Swann, who is currently suspended over a domestic violence issue, would have been fired if he did not notify WWE of his arrest.

A source close to Amore told us that he didn’t tell WWE because he knew that he would be proven innocent of the rape allegations levied against him. I would imagine that he knew that his push would have been halted until the investigation was completed. WWE found out about the investigation after several media outlets emailed them to ask them about it on Monday after the accuser went public on Twitter. What made it worse was that everyone in the company was busy getting ready for the 25th anniversary of Raw and they were getting a ton of positive press leading up to the show and the news of Amore’s situation got out at one of the worst possible times for WWE.

Here is what would have happened if Amore would have told them back in October. The company would have suspended him and then waited to hear back from the police. If he ends up being convicted then he would have been fired. He would have been brought back from suspension if the charges were dropped. It’s unclear what they’ll do now since he’s been fired but it doesn’t help that he was said to be the least liked Superstar backstage. There are people in WWE that are happy to see him gone, albeit they didn’t want him to be fired under these circumstances.

Even during his final days with the company, he was still not allowed to dress in the locker room with the other talent. Several months ago, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter broke the story about Amore being kicked off the talent bus by Roman Reigns. The story was that Amore was being loud after being asked to lower his voice while everyone tried to sleep. There was also the tweet he sent out to Corey Graves and the tweet that made light of Big Cass’ injury. All of these incidents were brought up when Amore was interviewed on the WWE Network show “Straight to the Source.” So, even if the charges are dropped, it remains to be seen if WWE feels that it’s worth bringing him back.

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