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The real story on what happened between Chyna and Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral

Earlier today Sean Waltman claimed that Chyna “bum rushed” Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral on Tuesday in Portland. Waltman later clarified that she was invited to the funeral. I first reported that Chyna and Piper were friends and Chyna was scheduled to be on Piper’s podcast before he passed away.

Here are Waltman’s tweets from earlier followed by Dave Meltzer’s update from the Wrestling Observer messageboard. Meltzer was able to get the story on what happened from several people that were there and those stories somewhat contradict what Waltman said. It was not as bad as some people think it was.

Waltman was not at the funeral so his account of what happened at the funeral came from what he heard from someone that was there. Chyna did not confront Triple H during the funeral. One person told Meltzer, “Omg, no. Tiny service, I sat in back. Point being, I saw everything.”

Three people that were at the funeral said that they saw nothing happen between them and one person said that they were looking to see if something would happen but nothing did. Meltzer’s exact words on this was, “Nothing happened at the funeral. No confrontation. As Paul was leaving, outside, she did come up and say she was sorry. That was the extent of it. One sentence.”


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