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The Revival add more fuel to those AEW rumors with Randy Orton

Randy Orton The Revival

The Randy Orton/Revival stable ended with the draft when Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were drafted to Friday Night SmackDown and Orton was drafted to Monday Night Raw. It was a shortlived stable that had the potential to be much more than what it was.

This falls in line with many WWE storylines nowadays. Oftentimes, there's an idea for a storyline and some of it plays out and then Vince McMahon changes his mind and future plans are dropped.

In a tweet on Thursday evening, Dawson paid tribute to the stable that "should've been" and said that he would see Orton down the road.

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Wilder chimed in, "What WILL be. Eventually."

2020 will be an interesting year with Orton and The Revival's contracts expiring in a few months. Orton is close with several wrestlers in AEW, including Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho. The Revival are good friends with The Young Bucks and they would fit in nicely with the tag team division.

For what it's worth, during a Twitter exchange with Will Ospreay in 2017, Orton suggested having a match with Ospreay in June 2020 so that may be the date when he is free from his WWE contract. Of course, it all depends on if Orton decides to take a massive money offer to stay with WWE.

For those of you that missed it, click here to see Orton's AEW tease from earlier this week.