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The Revival on their WWE run up to this point

The Revival

Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival recently did an interview with The UK Sun where they spoke about a wide range of topics. During the interview, they talked about their run in WWE up to this point.

As of late, the tag team has been in the news. The first reason was due to it being reported that The Revival turned down a big money offer by WWE that was a contract that would have lasted for 5 years, $500,000 per year. Each star turned down $2.5 million.

Also, WWE has been doing some comedy with the tag team on Monday Night Raw with The Usos that seem to be an attempt to embarrass them.

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Dash Wilder: “We work great with chips on our shoulders. We work great being assholes”. That’s just something we’ve always used to fuel us and help us get where we wanted to go. We’re on the right trajectory.”

Scott Dawson: “The experience in WWE has been exactly what you’ve watched – it’s been up and down. Going into our main roster debut we were on a personal and creative high. But we had some unfortunate incidents – life happens. It’s what happens in this and any sport. When we came in and beat The New Day, with that kind of reaction, maybe that boosted our ego a little too much. It was like someone said, ‘Settle down, let’s put that chip back on your shoulder.’”