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The Revival react to leaked photos of Vince McMahon's crazy idea to give them a new gimmick



Scott Dawson (now known as Dax Harwood) and Dash Wilder (now known as Cash Wheeler) probably feel lucky that they were on their way out of WWE this year because they were about to be the butt of many jokes if they went along with Vince McMahon's idea to repackage them.

As noted earlier, photos have leaked that show what McMahon wanted them to wear as part of his plan to repackage them as comedy characters. As part of the new gimmick, they were also going to get new music. Dave Meltzer first reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter last December about plans to have them do wacky things on WWE TV and the seeds were planted for their new gimmick on an episode of SmackDown when Wheeler (Wilder) tripped during his entrance before a match. Click here to see the footage of Wheeler (Wilder) tripping during his entrance.

The idea was shelved and both men were taken off TV in February as McMahon realized that they were not going to sign new contracts and they were likely going elsewhere.

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Harwood and Wheeler were asked about the photos and they did not say a whole lot while not denying the authenticity of them. Perhaps, some time down the line they can appear on Chris Jericho's podcast to discuss the wacky gear and their time in WWE. Scroll down to see their Twitter reactions and for those of you that missed it, click here to see the photos of the gear that McMahon wanted them to wear as part of the new gimmick.

Harwood and Wheeler are taking bookings at