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The Revival start petition to suspend ‘Lucha House Rules’

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) have been struggling in their current feud against Lucha House Party. A big reason for this is because their matches are contested under “Lucha House Rules.” This is basically the same thing as a 3-on-2 handicap match against The Revival. Nothing has been done to even the odds, so The Revival are taking matters into their own hands.

Scott Dawson took to Twitter to share that he has started a petition to have “Lucha House Rules” suspended. After explaining how unfair the rules are, Dawson pleaded with fans to sign the petition, as he has a four-year-old daughter to provide for:

“This job is how we feed our families. I (Scott Dawson, “100% Grade A Southern Beef”, “90 Proof”, “‘82 Ford Bronco”, “Top Guy”) have a perfect little 4-year-old daughter I have to provide AND set an example for. How can I provide to the best of my abilities under “Loser House Rules”?! What kind of example is being set for her when she sees her daddy getting beat by 3 “men” in masks?! ”

The petition’s goal was 1,000 signatures, which has long been surpassed with over 3,000 signings as of this writing. You can sign the petition yourself by clicking here.

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