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The Revolt discuss their WWE departure, disrespect of tag team division, Vince McMahon wanting them to wear lipstick and more much



The Revolt, the tag team formerly known as The Revival made an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, where they spoke about a wide range of topics.

Cash Wheeler (formerly Dash Wilder) and Dax Harwood (formerly Scott Dawson) started out talking about the influence that Dusty Rhodes had on them and how he thought they would make for a great tag team. Dawson mentioned how much Rhodes liked them because of how two southern guys could talk and get the job done and knew that he could push back at WWE management for it.

Dawson doesn’t think having a southern accent is just a thing that Vince McMahon doesn’t like but its a worldwide thing as some people think if you have a southern accent then you’re dumb compared to other parts of the world. Wheeler chimed in by stating that there is a stigma that if you have a southern accent then you can be limited, which he doesn’t think should be the case.

It turns out that Wheeler recalled a time where they brought up them having a southern accent to McMahon and asked whether he didn’t like it, which led to McMahon telling them that he’s from North Carolina.

Regarding their WWE releases, Wheeler confirmed that they did ask to be released in mid-January 2019 and at the time, they was under the impression that they were going to get it, but that wasn’t the case. Wheeler then went back to the Christmas tour of 2018 after working house shows with the Lucha House Party.

This is where they came up with the idea of waiting through the tour until their on the upswing so it didn't look like they want out of WWE just because they’re losing their matches. Instead, they didn't want people thinking it’s just about them but rather the tag team division as a whole.

Wheeler stated, “We're still adamant that long term there's just not enough attention paid to the tag team division.” Wheeler talked about how he knew beating the Lucha House party and getting the tag team titles didn’t mean anything. He put over how there are so many good tag teams and that they could have contributed more. He brought up Braun Strowman running through the tag team division and later winning the titles at WrestleMania with a 10-year-old as his partner.

“Then no tag teams were featured on SummerSlam until the last minute they added the Women's tag titles, which I'm all for. It's just it was so last minute people didn't even know. So we wanted to make a point like, 'Look, the tag team division doesn't get respect. It doesn't get the time a lot of these teams deserve, and we want to take chances on ourselves.'"

Wheeler noted that’s why they asked for their releases when they did and it went on for a long time. He noted that it was 15 months to the day that they asked for their releases and finally they got their walking papers. He also admitted that it was a very intense back and forth thing to get done.

Harwood chimed in and said that they went straight to the top of management to get their releases, which he thinks that WWE thought they were just bluffing. He recalled how WWE said that they were going to put the tag titles on them and giving them a big run. Dawson brought up Wheeler telling management that they don’t care about the tag team titles or having a big run but rather they want the division to be featured.

Harwood recalled going to the talent relations office and WWE telling them that they would release them but as soon as they walked out of the office, everyone knew about it. This led to them getting messages from fans on social media saying that they were just complaining.

Harwood thinks if they were just complaining as much as people thought they were then they wouldn’t have been booked the most in 2019. Wheeler added that they never wanted it to make it a public thing so that’s why they never publicly asked for their releases like other stars.

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Harwood noted how they just wanted the tag team division to be pushed so that way they all could make more money but did mention how deep down inside he knew that wasn’t going to happen. He thinks if two singles stars are thrown together as a tag team then you have a better shot at being pushed rather than a traditional tag team. That’s why they worked so hard in 2019 to make it a focus of WWE management on the division.

Wheeler stated that when they spoke to the person in talent relations who told them that things were going to change that the person actually meant it. Wheeler recalled telling the person in talent relations that they knew the titles didn’t mean anything and would rather suffer losses to the champions every night instead of winning them.

Wheeler stated that instead of being promised the titles he would rather want the promise of the tag team division to get a push as a whole and invest TV time in those wrestlers. Wheeler told WWE that if things change for the tag team division then they would gladly re-sign because they didn’t want to leave. However, if things didn’t change then they see no reason as to why they should stay.

Harwood thinks WWE just wanted to sign them to new deals to keep them away from other opportunities outside of the WWE.

Wheeler mentioned how they were trying to get a meeting with McMahon for some time but everything was hectic due to the SmackDown move to FOX and the relaunch of the XFL. They were originally told the meeting might not happen but then things change one day as they were putting mats together.

Harwood recalled having one last meeting with McMahon and being pitched the comedy tag team idea that was “less than flattering to us” and it wasn’t something that they felt like they should represent. He told McMahon no about the idea and that they think it’s time for them to go because they were not happy in WWE. That’s when WWE took them off the road and that was it.

In the meeting, Wheeler recalled how McMahon gave them the concept artwork of his new vision for them as comedy guys. Harwood chimed in and talked about how the wrestlers in WWE are believers in kayfabe so any leaked information such as the artwork was leaked by someone in the company such as on the creative team or in the office. He thinks the artwork was leaked by the writer who came up with the idea.

Wheeler said when he got the artwork, “I’ll put my hand on the bible, I laughed out loud in front of everybody.” He recalled them, Vince, Bruce Prichard, and Mark Corona in the room. He said that those executives had mad faces on as a reaction to him laughing about it. They were told that this idea came about because it would show that they can do other things aside from being serious on television. He thinks WWE realized that they weren’t bluffing about leaving or just wanting more money when he told them that the comedy tag team idea wasn’t good and bad. However, The Revolt was willing to do the gimmick until their deals were up and would go all in with it to make it fun.

Wheeler made it clear that they would do the gimmick until their deals were up in June and then they were gone. This meeting took place at Friday Night SmackDown TV event. That following Wednesday, they got a call telling them that they were pulled from the road and TV.

Wheeler stated that the rumors about WWE’s offer for a five-year deal worth $750,000 a year was low. WWE offered them much more money than that to re-sign and do the new gimmicks.

Wheeler thinks this is the moment that made WWE realize that they were serious about not being happy.

Harwood thinks the comedy gimmick was because of two possible things - either McMahon thought it was the greatest thing in the world or in his mind he thought that they were going to embarrass The Revolt on the way out.

Harwood stated, “I’m still not sure because Vince is the greatest worker in the world. But man, we both had on tassels, bright color spandex or suspenders, glow sticks, lipstick. Oh my god, it was the craziest thing in the world.”

The Revolt talked about so much more such as their legacy in NXT, believing that they’re the best tag team on this planet. You can listen to the entire interview here: