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The Rock and Steve Austin discuss Rock “overselling” the Stone Cold Stunner

One of the best things about The Attitude Era, was Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting the “Stone Cold Stunner” on fellow WWE mega-star The Rock. The Rock probably sold “The Texas Rattlesnake’s” finishing move better than anyone in the company’s history. Some argue, however, that “The Great One” may have oversold the move. Rock and Austin recently engaged in an exchange on Twitter discussing the matter.

A Twitter account shared a video montage of Austin hitting Rock with the Stunner from back in the day. The account captioned it as “overselling at it’s finest.” Austin responded to the Tweet with the following:

“That was not overselling. The Stunner is a complete shoot. Very painful..”

The Rock then responded with his own take:

“Haha I never “oversold” Austin’s stunner. I simply refused to “underserve” the ticket paying audience. Gotta give ‘em their monies worth every night and send ‘em home happy. Plus, Austin & I had cold beer waiting in the locker room so that was my “happy dance””


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