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The Rock asked to pay $80,000 for allegedly trashing a rented mansion

The Gossip Extra website is reporting that the owners of a $6 million mansion in South Florida are trying to get Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to pay for damages they claim were caused by him. Johnson moved out of the mansion in January after renting it for two years at $25,000 a month. Neighbors say that the house was not properly maintained and noted that there used to be a nice fountain that shot water up 15 feet in the air. That fountain has disappeared, according to one local resident.

Photos taken of the property show that there are two busted air conditioning units and a second fountain that has disappeared. Apparently, according to people that live near the house, Johnson was known to have "bad ass" parties on the property with as many as five full bars.

The Rock is being asked to pay $80,000 for damages. The story notes that he did have a professional cleaning service at the house when he moved out. So far there has been no comment from Johnson or his reps.

Here are a couple of videos of Johnson at the property last year:

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