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The Rock comments on funny footage of him and Kurt Angle at WWE house show

The Rock kurt angle

Over the years, various wrestlers have talked about how working WWE house shows are more fun than doing TV events.

Not only from a freedom standpoint of what wrestlers can do in their matches but also not having the stress of being on live television.

Archive footage from one house show in the Attitude Era was shared on social media that showed The Rock and Kurt Angle working together. The footage showed The Rock having Angle in a headlock before they started to run the ropes.

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After a few moments went by, Rock got out of the ring and disappeared while Angle was still running before he stopped and noticed that “The Great One” was nowhere to be found.

The Rock saw the video of the funny moment and commented on it in this post on his official Twitter account. He wrote the following:

“The fun we’d have when we’d wrestle non-televised shows. Btw is tame compared to other things we did.Fun fact: approximately 4yrs earlier my opponent here (@RealKurtAngle) would win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling in 1996. With a broken neck. True story. #toughSOB.”