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The Rock continues to prove he's good at everything he does

Dwayne Johnson's box office drawing power is astounding as he keeps pumping out one hit after another. But The Rock's other ventures haven't taken a backseat in the meantime at all and one of them recently experienced a huge event.

The Rock and Under Armour have a partnership and have put out a few pieces of apparel before, but their newest shoe endeavor really set a new bar because the entire line reportedly sold out in half an hour.

The $120 Under Armour shoe might seem like a high price tag for some but apparently, it wasn't too high because the shoes promptly sold out. After selling out in around 30 minutes these kicks are essentially the All In of foot apparel. The shoes are specifically designed for athletes with features such as extra support in the heel for lifting weights but the quick sell-out probably had more to do with The Rock's name.

The Rock remained humble as he said that he still has plenty to learn from the shoe and apparel business. But a 30-minute sell out is still pretty impressive for someone just starting out. Although The Rock's partnership with Under Armour is incredibly successful, The People's Champ went on to say, "the most important thing here is to continue to sharpen our game, grow and ALWAYS keep my one boss - the people - happy, by delivering products that consistently improves their performance."

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