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The Rock in talks for another major movie role; reason why Swagger is off TV this week

The Rock Dwayne Johnson is in talks for the lead role in “The Jason Directive.” The movie is based on the 2002 book written by Robert Lundlum. Johnson, if he signs on for the movie would play the role of a former Navy SEAL and former US covert agent (Phil Janson) that is haunted by the fact that his commander and mentor was a sadistic psychopath who when Janson was young was tortured and captured by Viet Cong. Janson escaped and gave evidence leading to the commander’s execution as a war criminal. Later on, Janson was framed by the government for a death, and the order was to find and kill him.

In other news, the reason why Jack Swagger was off WWE TV this week is because he’s not allowed into Canada because of his past DUI from a couple of years ago.

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