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The Rock is very open to wrestling Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania



During a conversation with Hiram Garcia (on The Rock's YouTube channel) about the book "The Rock: Through the Lens," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson discussed what it was like to work with his cousin Roman Reigns on the set of "Hobbs & Shaw."

Rock also noted how many people have been clamoring to see Rock vs. Reigns at a WrestleMania.

"Feels like the one that would make sense, right, would be Roman," Rock said. "In terms of box-office draw..."

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Garcia asked who goes over and Rock joking said, "I know how that conversation goes. 'Listen, here's what we're thinking. Roman beats you now at this WrestleMania. But, listen, before you guys say anything. Then on the next one...that's when..."

Rock added, "But you know what, the truth is, I would be honored not only to share the ring with Roman and to go back to the WWE. But of course, I would be honored to have him raise his hand in that one."

It sure sounds like Reigns vs. Rock is a real possibility. You can listen to what Rock said in the interview below.