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The Rock praises Shayna Baszler over her WrestleMania feud with Becky Lynch

The Rock was watching Monday’s episode of Raw and noticed a segment that was done to further hype the build for the Becky Lynch-Shayna Baszler feud. 

WWE had the Raw Women’s Champion cut a promo in the ring on the show. During the show, Baszler went to Twitter where she brought up WrestleMania 36 being held at the Performance Center in front of no fans. 

This is being done due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Baszler wrote, “My first #WrestleMania moment will be perfect. No one in the arena to dampen the sound of tendons ripping and bones cracking & snapping as I become the RAW women’s champion & usher in a new era #Reality #CrankRipTear.”

This led to The Rock responding to her tweet by writing: 

“Now thats a ‘ticket sellin’ tweet [clapping hands emoji] (empty arena is quite fun though; Can’t wait [fist emoji].”

The Rock is no stranger to wrestling in an empty arena as he wrestled Mankind in a contest where no fans were in attendance. This was done in 1999 as part of Halftime Heat. 

You can read about a new report that suggests WrestleMania 36 will be pushed back to a different date and location here. 


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