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The Rock returns to WWE Monday Night Raw

The Rock made his return on this week’s Monday Night Raw. We had heard over the weekend that Rock was scheduled to be on the show to help kick off WrestleMania season. We were told last week that he would be getting involved in the Roman Reigns-Triple H storyline.

Rock made his return in a backstage segment with The Miz. As he made his way to the ring, he greeted recording artist Rick Ross and Big Show. Rock did a funny bit where he talked about the time they were in the Royal Rumble together as the final two. Rock joked that the director of “The Mummy Returns” picked his man for the movie based on who won that Rumble match. He also ran into Lana backstage before Rusev walked into the picture.

Rock went out to the ring and went off script for a minute to acknowledge some fans dressed up as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Undertaker, and Rock himself. The New Day came out to crash the party and said that Rock does not have any gold even though he calls himself The People’s Champion. They also said that Rock left Miami for Hollywood for the paycheck and not for the people.

Rock fired back and listed The New Day’s accomplishments. He said that they are entertaining but they wear lama penises on their head. Rock described Big E as The Incredible Hulk banging Urkel. He then dared them to come into the ring so he could shove their trombone up their candy asses.

New Day didn’t want to fight The Rock so Rock said that he has a plan B. That plan was “family” (aka The Usos). The Usos came out and attacked The New Day. Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Kofi Kingston and then hit a spinebuster/People’s elbow on Xavier Woods.

One funny note is that The Rock’s family was seen sitting at ringside during the Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler match earlier in the show so it kind of gave things away to anyone that was paying attention.

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