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Photo Credit: George Napolitano/MediaPunch/IPx via AP

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The Rock reveals cause of death for his father Rocky Johnson

In a video tribute to Rocky Johnson, The Rock revealed what led to his father’s passing at the age of 75.

He started out by thanking everyone for the support and well wishes sent to him and his family and noted that he has tried to read as many fan messages as possible.

Rock added that he would do anything to give his father a big hug as he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye because his passing was sudden. He also noted that his father was not feeling well after battling a cold and said that a deep vein thrombosis (basically a blood clot) traveled up through his body and into his lung and that resulted in a heart attack.

Rock noted that the medical examiner said that his father did not suffer because he passed away quickly. You can see the tribute to Rocky Johnson from his son in the video below.

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