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The Rock shares one of his biggest regrets in WWE

The Rock has done it all in pro wrestling and is one of the biggest wrestlers in the history of the business, but just like everyone, he has regrets.

The former WWE Champion took to Twitter to praise Booker T. He did so when responding to a tweet from WWE Producer Shane Helms, who was watching a match between Rock and Booker T from SummerSlam 2001.

This led to The Rock noting that he regrets not having a longer program with Booker T.

“Thank you, brother. I do too actually. One of my biggest regrets was not having a long run w Book. He was one of my fav workers and the best pure athlete I’ve ever wrestled. Fluid, sharp, believable movements and work style. I always say his moves had a rare swagger.”

Their feud in 2001 saw Booker T drop the WCW Title to The Rock at SummerSlam then they continued the feud when Rock was a member of The Alliance, but they didn’t follow up with another singles match on pay-per-view. The Rock did defeat Booker T and Shane McMahon in a handicap match at Unforgiven that year.

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