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The Rock wants to wrestle at WrestleMania

If The Rock gets his way, then he will wrestle a match at WrestleMania. Obviously, WWE would love to have him on the show but the story is the same every year. It all depends on his movie commitments and if he has to shoot a movie around the time of the show then it’s unlikely that he will wrestle a match. However, this year might be different because he is 46 years old and he does want to wrestle at least one more match and he might not want to wrestle as he gets closer to 50 because of the increased risk of injury and because his body could slow down by that time.

On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that there absolutely has been talk about The Rock returning for Mania 35 and that was the case for Mania 34. The original idea for that show was for The Rock to team with Ronda Rousey. When that fell through then they called Dave Bautista before ultimately deciding on Kurt Angle as Rousey’s partner.

As noted before, the rumors about The Rock wanting to wrestle again started a couple of weeks ago when he told Cathy Kelley that he couldn’t wait to get back in a WWE ring. A few days later, Elias went on Twitter and called him out. That led to speculation that Rock could show up on Raw this Monday since they will be in Miami. We’ll see if that happens but the Rock rumors usually pop up whenever Raw is in the South Florida area so don’t be shocked if he doesn’t show up.


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