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The Royal Rumble proves Vince McMahon needs to step down

The problem with WWE isn’t WWE, but Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Vince is slowly becoming a man that his younger self would loathe. He wants everyone to cheer the Babyface and boo the heels.

He’s making the same mistakes that almost cost him his entire company.

While CM Punk is my favorite, he was wrong. Vince’s “doofus son-in-law” is a phenomenal judge of talent and business. Look at NXT.

Vince needs to step down. Vince is becoming his father. You know the guy who FIRED HULK HOGAN because he was in Rocky III.

WWE could be great if every promo wasn’t scripted. If every analyst could actually call the match without shoving the WWE Network, Immortals, and Mountain Dew Kickstart down our throats.

WWE could be great if they stopped treating the DIVAS Division like Hornswaggle: a sideshow attraction with no real direction in or out of the ring.

Amazing how people like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and my personal favorite Sasha Banks put on real, contextually rich matches with plot points and character development. Something that’s glaringly absent from the Divas on the Main Roster.

Somehow Total Divas is important. (Amazing how Naomi has been lauded as the most skilled Diva but still hasn’t gotten the championship)

Triple H has demonstrated with NXT that he’s more than ready to take the lead. If Vince isn’t careful, someone may come along and give him a real run for his money.

Dave Anderson is author, journalist and pro wrestling fan who resides in the home of ECW, Philadelphia PA. Follow Dave on Twitter: @likeahater


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