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The Sandman on why he joined WCW, crucifixion angle in ECW, Kurt Angle, more



Former WCW/ECW/WWE Superstar The Sandman recently spoke with Jan Murphy for The Whig about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about his character. Sandman said that his character is him in real life as he used to sit in the locker room and drink beer while smoking cigarettes then go and wrestle. He noted that everybody knows a Sandman.

The Crucifixion angle in ECW as important one not only for ECW, Raven, and Sandman but because it changed history. Kurt Angle was in attendance for the angle and was upset with it. He was supposed to sign with ECW, but he changed his mind and decided to join WWE. "That whole thing got blown out of proportion by Kurt f--king Angle.” He added that’s not Angle’s fault because he didn’t know a lot about pro wrestling at that time because he was a gold medalist. He noted that Angle thought everything was a shoot at the time and then brought up the moment when The Undertaker hung Steve Austin above the RAW stage. Sandman doesn’t think that Angle was upset with that and went to Vince McMahon’s office complaining about it. Sandman added that he respects Angle and likes him.

When asked about leaving ECW for WCW, Sandman explained that he was upset with Paul Heyman because he told him that he would be the highest paid wrestler on the roster but later found out that Sabu was being paid around $15,000 for a pay-per-view event. “I knew damn sure I was going to end up back in ECW because I knew WCW was a sinking ship. They were hemorrhaging money."

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He also talked about House of Hardcore and more. You can read the full interview here.