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The Shield paid homage to Hulk Hogan during WWE India live show

We all know why Hulk Hogan has been washed from the WWE consciousness but you can never say never in pro wrestling.

India’s fanbase loves the Superstars of the modern-era but they also have a huge affinity for classic pro wrestling as well. They realize who the greats are and that Hulk Hogan is still very much an immortal figure. Therefore, when Seth Rollins hit Hogan’s leg drop during The Shield’s match against The Bar and Samoa Joe and did Hogan’s signature rolling ear pop pose for the crowd, the place erupted, according to a report sent in from the show.

Deam Ambrose followed this up with some Hulk Hogan posing as well. It was a pretty special moment for this crowd who rarely gets to enjoy WWE Superstars do their thing live. But the show in India was obviously an exciting and unique experience for everyone involved.

The fact that both Rollins and Ambrose gave obvious nods to The Hulkster during the match is incredibly interesting as well. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported a while ago that WWE was kicking around the idea of bringing Hogan back into the company in some role and maybe they’re testing the waters in India? Who’s to really say for sure, but it was still a pretty excellent moment for the fans in Delhi.

We will post videos and photo from the match once they become available.

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