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The Shield prevailed at WWE Super Show-Down



The third from the top match at WWE Super Show-Down was the match pitting The Shield against the team of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

The Shield did their crowd entrance with their original black Shield gear from their early days on the main roster. The announcers wondered if Dean Ambrose could be trusted but Renee Young reassured Michael Cole that Ambrose is the most loyal human being she knows.

Everyone brawled at ringside before the match got officially started. Late in the match, McIntyre ducked a Superman punch from Reigns and the punch accidentally hit Ambrose in the face and caused him to be knocked off the ring apron. A couple of minutes later, they teased Ambrose might be turning on on Rollins and Reigns but that was not the least not tonight.

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They did a cool spot with Strowman running at Ambrose but Strowman intercepting him by spearing him through the barricade at ringside. Ambrose got the pin on Ziggler after hitting Dirty Deeds.

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