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The Shockmaster explains why he left the WWF

The Shockmaster appeared on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast recently to discuss winning the WWF Tag Team Championship and why he left WWF. Here are the highlights.

Becoming WWF Tag Champions:

“It was awesome. The first time I went to Japan and we ran the Tokyo Dome, we were booked against The Road Warriors. We were lucky having the management we had. The angles we were doing up there were really good. It was a great time to be there for me. I also couldn’t have had a better partner, it was outstanding.”

Leaving the WWF:

“I went down to WCW for a brief time when we wound up doing The Shockmaster deal. When I had initially left, I had put together some businesses in Key West, Florida and just before we opened my brother in law was shot and killed here in Tampa. That took me off the road. I gave my notice and about three to four weeks afterwards and then I left there. I was out from around the business. I had a lot of money tied up, I had a house in Tampa. It took me off the road for a while and I ended up a year and a half or so after all that went down to WCW.

You can listen to the full podcast at this link.


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