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The Street Profits praise Norman Smiley, Billy Gunn and other legends for helping them in WWE NXT

The Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, are the guests on this week’s “Table Talk” podcast with D-Von Dudley. They were on the show to talk about their dream match-ups, their first assignment on the main roster, ninjas, Star Wars and more.

Here are a couple of highlights from the podcast:

Street Profits were asked how they made the transition from NXT to the main roster. Montez Ford said:  “I feel for me personally if it was any other way, it wouldn’t have worked.  Me and Dawk, even when we formed the tag team, they came to us with the idea but me and Dawk already knew each other before then.  The only way I know for us to be a tag team is for us to be us.  For us to have that freedom is what gave us the edge and helped us.”

Dawkins talked about his training in NXT:  “When we came down, Norman Smiley was my first coach.  He was the one who had me under his wing and helped me out.  I was also with Robbie Brookside as well.  Ricky Steamboat was a coach for 6 months right before we moved to Orlando and then he stopped coaching after that.  Billy Gunn was another coach who was there.  He was the one who got me out of my shell.  I used to go into practice thinking I will get the moves down.  Norman helped me with the moves but he would say you’re good, but can we see facial expressions.  I’m used to being stone faced and I’m not used to making facial expressions.  Billy Gunn came in and said, quick question.  Do you plan on having fun while you are doing this?  I started to lighten up.”

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