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The tag team formerly known as The Revival shows off their new logo



The tag team formerly known as The Revival continues to find a way to reinvent themselves now that they’re free and clear of WWE.

After being released by the company, Scott Dawson changed his name to Dax Harwood and Dash Wilder changed his name to Cash Wheeler.

Thanks to trademark filings, their new tag team name looks to have been revealed. There was a belief that they would be going by the name, Top Guys, but Wheeler recently trademarked “Fear The Revolt.”

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Hardwood recently posted a new profile picture on this official Twitter account, which looks to be the new logo for the former WWE Tag Team Champions. You can check it out here:

When the former WWE stars were granted their releases from WWE earlier this month, there was some speculation as to whether they would have to wait three months to sign with another promotion.

The reason for that belief was due to Wilder’s contract since it was an early release for him instead of a case of his contract expiring. Typically in these situations, WWE has a 90-day non-compete clause in the deal.

However, it’s already been reported that this is not the case. Instead, both stars are free to sign with any promotion that they want, which has been heavily speculated among fans to be AEW.