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The Undertaker appears to be hinting at retirement



Shortly after WWE WrestleMania went off the air, The Undertaker posted a message on Instagram that strongly suggests that he has retired.

The Deadman posted the following message: "It was a hell of a ride! #BoneyardMatch #WrestleMania #30years"

The #30years caption references to his 30th year in the company.

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Taker has been dealing with serious injuries for many years and there has been talk of him retiring dating back to the late 90s. During the preview for "Undertaker: The Last Ride" docuseries on the WWE Network, Taker got really candid on his health and admitted for the first time in detail that his body is beat up and he's had to get surgeries after previous WrestleMania's and he talked about only being able to wrestle once a year.

The docuseries tackles the subject of Taker hanging on too long and he acknowledges that he wanted to leave on a high note.

As previously noted, Taker wanted to redeem himself at this year's WrestleMania and the idea behind the Boneyard Match with AJ Styles was to make Taker look like the old version of himself instead of the broken down version that fans have seen in recent years.

Taker's Instagram post is below: