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The Undertaker hated his 1996 bat entrance: “I have to take full responsibility for that, It didn’t work”

The Undertaker is the guest on this week’s episode of “After The Bell” with Corey Graves. He was on the show to talk about Chapter 5 of “Undertaker: Last Ride,” which is set to premiere this Sunday on the WWE Network.

Taker noted that he’s done more interviews in the last couple of weeks than he did for most of his career because he was so guarded with his character and he would rarely break kayfabe.

Here are some highlights:

Undertaker talked about keeping character in public: “The character really struck home with me. I knew I didn’t want it to be a flash in the pan. I wanted it to have legs. I wanted it to last. Did I expect 30 years, no. Looking at other characters that were on TV at the time, when they were on TV that was that, and when they were somewhere else, they were someone else. I wanted people to think what they saw on TV was me all the time. I wanted it to be as legitimate, even as over the top character that it was, I wanted it to be legit. I wanted people to question if this guy was seriously jacked up. Early on, I made that decision. Obviously I’m going to have some variances in public. Eventually I did have a winter coat made and made various different hats so people in the airport would be like, holy crap. Then presenting myself in a way where people would say, no way am I going over to talk to that guy. Paul Bearer really helped in that aspect so I didn’t have to interact too much with people. For the longevity and integrity of the character, I felt that’s what I needed to do.”

When did Undertaker know to change his character: “If I started to feel it was becoming monotonous or stale, I would go into the think tank and figure out what I can present as a different angle on this. It’s a flavor of the week business. Especially now with so much exposure. I wanted to keep the character fresh. If I thought it was getting stale, I thought my audience must be feeling this too.”

Any idea you tried on character that didn’t work: “There are a few things I did that I wish I hadn’t done. I don’t remember what year it was. It was in the Garden. I was working with Mankind. I came in from the ceiling with the bat wings. I regretted that one after the fact. It was a little too hokey for where I wanted that character to be. It was my idea. I have to take full responsibility for that. It didn’t work. For the most part, there is not a whole lot. Everything seemed to have a pretty good idea of where that character should be most of the time, minus the giant bat.”

Taker also talked about the documentary, his bond with Vince McMahon, working with Big Show and much more.

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Here is Taker’s bat entrance from Survivor Series 1996:

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