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The Undertaker: “I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today's product”



The Undertaker previously made headlines during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience about how he thinks today’s wrestlers are ‘soft’ compared to past generations.

The Undertaker appeared on True Geordie for a new interview and during it, he talked about how the environment in wrestling has changed over the years.

He said that it has changed and not just in wrestling, but all sports as there is evolution. He noted that today’s wrestlers can’t live the same lifestyle as he did because things have changed. He said that wrestlers have cell phones and can’t blow off steam because they’re under some type of surveillance all the time. Back in his day, guys would have weapons on them and be pretty crusty. He stated he doesn’t think one is better and one is worse.

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Undertaker agreed with the sentiment that was mentioned regarding the lack of grit in today’s WWE product.

"The thing about grit was going to be the next sentence out of my mouth. I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today's product. I don't know that it's anybody's fault. We all aged out, right? That new group has come up. To your point, when you watch Brock wrestle, you're interested because you know; he has this background as an amateur wrestler, professional wrestler, mixed martial artist. Brock doesn't do a bunch of crazy moves. He manhandles your a**. You get in there, get thrown around, and get smashed. Roman (Reigns) has a little bit of that to him. When he wants to, Randy (Orton) has that to him. A lot of the younger's the evolution that comic book era, the superhero era, I think that's their motivation and inspiration. They didn't have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they're going to eat. Good or bad, it's what it is.”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found around the 31:25 mark:

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