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The Undertaker is not a fan of today's wrestling style, says Edge and Randy Orton "brought a tear to my eye"



The Undertaker was the guest today on Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast. Taker was on the show to promote Sunday's episode of "Undertaker: Last Ride," which will cover his match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania.

During the interview, Taker also discussed his WWE career and how wrestling has changed. When Graves asked for Taker's thoughts on today's style of wrestling, Taker listed some positives and negatives and it is clear that he feels some things need to change.

“There are positives and negatives," Taker said. "I think on the grand scale of everyone, the athletes of today are like comic book stuff, super hero stuff on what they can do. But, I think they rely too much on that aspect of their performance and not enough on their character and their willingness to sell and to make things mean something. Prime example, last night at Backlash. Edge and Randy, honestly, it almost brought a tear to my eye because I haven’t seen that type of wrestling match in so long. That is what professional wrestling is, or what it’s supposed to be, in my opinion. It’s great being able to be as athletic as all these guys are. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean anything because when you rely on all that athleticism and rely only on that athleticism, you continually push the envelope on our audience. They are going to get desensitized to the double backflip off the top to somebody on the floor. They are going to see it a couple times and then go, ok, I've seen that, now what do you have for me. So now you have to continually push the envelope athletically and it puts you at a higher risk for injury. It’s self preservation. You have to work smart to make this last. That doesn’t mean you take the day off. You can work hard, and you should work hard every night. But, you have to work smart. I think the guys right now are relying too much on athleticism and not enough on storytelling.”

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We will have more notes from this interview in a few minutes but everyone should listen to this interview on "After The Bell."

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