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The Undertaker shares funny reason why some of his ring entrances are longer than usual

The Undertaker recently did an interview with Pardon My Take to promote his new documentary on the WWE Network, Undertaker: The Last Ride.

During the interview, he was asked whether there has been a moment where he thought to himself about how slow he can make the walk during his ring entrance.

It turns out that if fans think his entrance is taking longer than normal it’s because he’s doing it on purpose. Those situations are only when he thinks he’s going to have a bad match.

“A lot of times that would just depend on my opponent. Like, if I was working with somebody that was pretty limited or I thought I was gonna have just a real shi**y match with. I was like, ‘Man, Imma get my money’s worth out of this entrance.’

There were times I would take a little bit of extra time because I knew the match is gonna be horrible. I figured I might as well give it to them on the entrance, because they are gonna be disappointed once this bell rings.”

The Undertaker also talked about the new documentary, his career, behind the scenes of wrestling, inferno matches, and more. You can listen to the interview below (Taker’s comments about the entrance can be found at the 45-minute mark):


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