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The Undertaker shows off his new gun safe

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The Undertaker shows off his new gun safe

A few months ago, we would have never thought that we’d see The Undertaker on social media. Even when the verified account was launched, the assumption by many was that it would include generic photos and not actual posts from the man himself because he has done so much to maintain kayfabe for his character over the years.

Now that he is in the twilight of his career, the Dead Man has let his guard down and he’s more active on social media.

On Friday night, he posted a photo of his new gun safe. This was a father’s day gift from wife Michelle McCool and the custom build was finished this week.

He wrote: “Thank you @rhinometals for building a safe for all my 2a toys to Rest In Peace in!! Also, a big thank you @mimicalacool for the best father’s day gift ever! Now back to the DARK SIDE….”

For those of you that have asked, although the rumors are out there about a possible Undertaker vs. John Cena rematch at SummerSlam, we’ve heard nothing in recent weeks so there are no guarantees that the match will happen. Taker is scheduled for the Super Show-Down taking place in Melbourne, Australia in October.

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