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The Undertaker talks about his friendship with Vince McMahon



The Undertaker was asked about his friendship with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon during his appearance on the premiere episode of Broken Skull Sessions that is hosted by Steve Austin on the WWE Network. 

Taker stated that they had a really good creative collaboration and through the years, their friendship grew because Vince “obviously trusted my judgment with a lot of the things with the character.” 

Taker pointed out how originally the character was the vision of McMahon but he gave him a lot of creative liberty with it and even trusted him when Taker felt that he needed to change to the biker gimmick. 

Taker did point out that they have butted heads and things have been rough but at the end of the day, they both have the same passion for wanting to put out the best product possible.

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Taker thinks he turned out to be a locker room leader because of his longevity in the company and being there as the company changed. He stated that there were times where one payoff was more money than he made in one whole year. Taker always knew in the back of his mind that WWE is where he needed to be. 

“If we butt heads or we don't agree, which is gonna happen, it's a creative business. We're not gonna always see eye to eye. You and I may not have the same vision on a finish but we'll get there.”

Taker added that’s just the process and they always knew where they had to be. At the end of the day, Taker understands that McMahon gave him a chance when WCW told him that he wouldn’t draw money from fans to see him wrestle. 

Thus, he knows that there’s “no telling where I would have been if he hadn't given me the chance. I just never forgot that."

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