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The Undertaker’s knees in really bad shape, update on Samoa Joe’s chances in WWE

Dave Meltzer said on this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio show that he thinks its obvious that The Undertaker is coming back for WrestleMania based on Bray Wyatt’s promos on WWE TV of late. Alvarez says he’s heard a lot of things about The Undertaker. Meltzer said, “i’ve heard a lot of things too.” Meltzer said that Taker’s knees are gone although they probably haven’t been in good shape for a while. He also noted that Taker was in pain in the 1990s.

Taker makes one million dollars per year for just one match so perhaps that is motivating him to come back. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t do any of his big trademark spots this year like he’s done in the past. Those dives from the ring to the outside definitely are not doing favors for his body.

Meltzer noted that Samoa Joe was surprised by how many people got in contact with him after the news of his TNA departure got out. WWE never made a serious offer to AJ Style, Richochet, and other guys who can really work so there is no way to know for sure how WWE feels about hiring Samoa Joe. Joe still has tons of options if WWE doesn’t call him. He’d be a good fit in New Japan Pro Wrestling and if ROH can afford him then i’m sure they will offer him a deal.

There is a mentality in WWE that they generally don’t take TNA wrestlers and if they do take anyone then they will not get pushed. Obviously Sting is the exception but his history in TNA is being ignored and he’s being portrayed as a WCW guy that disappeared after 2001.

SoCal Val pushed to get into WWE and the company didn’t show interest other than using her as a Rose Bud. Crimson was at the Performance Center in December but it doesn’t seem like he’s getting signed since he was back with TNA this past week. Those are just two ex-names that WWE has passed on.

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