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The Undertaker's retirement date is being kept a secret in WWE



If you are wondering if The Undertaker is retired or about to announce his retirement then you are in the same boat as everyone in WWE.

"Undertaker: Last Ride" on the WWE Network seems to be building towards a big announcement where Taker will either announce that he has retired or he will move forward with at least one more match. Last week on Monday Night Raw, they showed AJ Styles backstage acting frustrated after watching a clip from the documentary. That would seem to indicate a potential rematch but Taker is keeping everything close to the vest.

I was told that everyone on the writing staff is being kept in the dark on Taker's in-ring status, specifically because they don't want leaks to get out.

"Whatever he is going to say will not be spoiled on the internet," a WWE source said. "None of us know if he's done. Other than his wife, I think the only person who would know would be Vince."

While interviewing Taker last week for ESPN, Ariel Helwani tried to get an answer out of Taker but he refused to say if the final episode of "Last Ride" will include a retirement announcement.

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Taker said the following when he was asked about retirement:

“Hey I love you brother, but I can’t give you that before episode two comes out...I’ve been retiring, personally, here when I’m at home, for at least six years. Every year I’ll come back and I’m all beat up and everything hurts the next day, and I’m like, ‘Man that’s it.’ And all I get from [Michelle McCool] is a big eye roll and she goes, ‘Until April comes around.’ She’s been pretty accurate so far.

I learned you never say never, but it’s very obvious that I have far more matches behind me than I do in front of me. Nobody beats father time.”

Chapter 3 of "Undertaker: Last Ride" airs this Sunday on the WWE Network.

h/t Cageside Seats for the quote.