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The Usos on their family legacy, the incident after the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, more

Jimmy & Jey Uso joined CBS Radio's Chad Dukes Versus The World in-studio yesterday to talk about their family's legacy, making it in WWE, Tag Team Wrestling, Philadelphia after the Rumble, WrestleMania and much more.

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On the changeover from FCW system to the NXT system and the WWE Performance Center:

“[Before the Performance Center], you had to re-learn everything once you got up on the main roster. They’re preparing guys better to come up now.”

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On Roman Reigns’ reaction to the reception to his Royal Rumble win:

“Sometimes, it will get to you a little bit. ‘They’re not in my boots, man. They’re not in the ring. They don’t know.’ You wanna go off, but then you’ve gotta take that and turn it into a positive thing and nthat’s what he’s doing. He’s like fuel me. ”

On the reported incident between WWE talent and fans after the Rumble:

“Here’s what happened. Naomi was driving, he was in the passenger seat, I was sitting behind him. So the guy comes up with a chair, the pay-per-view chairs that we usually have, comes up to the window, back rear passenger side window of the car and hits the car, just chair shots at the car. It’s snowing and it’s cold and he just hits our rental car. Mind you we don’t pay the insurance on this rental car because it’s too expensive. So, you mark the car up it’s a big bill coming up. He hit my rental car and I opened the car up to try and get him and soon as I got out the car he was like-” ”He jetted, he was gone.” ”Three lanes over, just gone. I got hot. I ain’t wrestling right now, I’m off work.”

“They were just not letting us out. They were just crossing, wouldn’t even let us move. Security was pretty bad that day they wouldn’t even doing what they were supposed to be doing. But what Uce was about to say was one of ‘em actually took a seat in front of Heath Slater’s car.”